Adding More Power to Your Golf Drives

There are probably few golfers among us that wouldn’t love to get another 20 yards on our drives. And then if we got those 20 yards we would look for another ten. The exception is my wife, who is content with hitting every drive 150 yards in the middle of the fairway, even if she hasn’t played in six months. I tell her it must be boring doing that all the time, but the fact is we would all like to be hitting our next shot off of the fairway on every hole.

When most amateur golfers want to get a little more distance they simply try to generate more club head speed. This is the right idea but they try to do it the wrong way; just by swinging harder. This usually leads to less distance from the tee and more miss-hit balls. There are some things we can do that can help most amateur golfers generate more club head speed if you are not doing them already.

1. Know your power slot in the back swing. That slot where we bring the club back in the back swing should be behind the shoulders for most people. Some people will bring the club up too high, but the more common fault is to bring the hands too low and behind the back during the back swing. This is kind of a baseball swing mentality, but to hit a golf ball with the maximum power the back swing slot should be at about shoulder level at the top of the back swing.

2. Keep your head behind the ball at impact. When many amateur golfers try to get a little more power in their swing, they often have the tendency to almost “jump” into the ball. Keeping the feet grounded not only allows more power from slot resmi the legs, but by keeping the head back allows you to stay in the maximum power position at ball contact.

This is especially true for the driver as opposed to shots being hit without a golf tee. The ball that is played when is teed off the ground will allow you to come into the ball with a more sweeping action rather than the downward arc needed to get the ball airborne from the ground. Also from the tee you keep the ball a little more forward in your stance as opposed to the ball position for an iron shot. This will allow you to be able to stay in this power position behind the ball when it struck.

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