Alaska Fishing Charter – Seward in Anchorage

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska and perhaps the most visited tourist destination. You can find the historic and cultural mines of Anchorage just 126 miles from the city, enriched by the scenic landscapes of Seward. Winter offers unique activities like dog sledding or alpine skiing. In the summer, you can hunt in the wild, go sightseeing, and even do some sports fishing.

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The best sport fishermen in the world come to Seward with high hopes of catching the largest salmon or halibut, while taking pride in their role as predators of the ocean. Tourists are attracted by the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Seward, which is perfect for fishing trips. You may see boat charters often bob from the waters of the island. You can find some of the largest salmon and halibut anywhere in the world. It is the reason fishermen love it so much. People either want to eat a little bit of the salmon or halibut, or they want to win over the feats of the sea. Alaska is known for its boat charters, which allow you to cruise with experienced guides who are well versed in Alaskan waters. Charters allow you to enjoy the best of nature while taking you to breathtaking views. Charters can also be used for salmon and halibut fishing trips, where a trip to the ocean could prove daunting. Seward Alaska pensacola fishing charters. Fishing Boats upholds the highest standards for premium quality to ensure safety, and provide the most memorable experience.

The M/V Pursuit is Seward’s pride and joy. It is a top-quality boat charter for fishing and can hold up to 10 people. The M/V Pursuit is fast and smooth thanks to its Fiber craft hull and is strong enough to conquer the seas. The M/V ProFishn-n-Sea is a standard-setting vessel. This charter is for salmon and halibut fishing. It’s a large vessel made of aluminum. The vessel is seaworthy and has a twin Suzuki four stroke outboard motor that meets all emission standards. With the help of M/V PROFISH-n-Sea, sports fishermen will be able to hunt for the biggest and most fierce salmons and halibuts. Diverse rates are available for both a charter and a share. This allows tourists as well as fishing enthusiasts to reach the depths of their dreams. Individual passengers can share the charter by using a shared charter. Charters with exclusive rights are also available for those who wish to keep the charter for a specific period.

Combination Halibut/Salmon, or Halibut/Lingcod Summer Promo:

The Share Charter Rate per Person $ 250.00

Exclusive Charter Rate

MV ProFish $1,450.00

MV Pursuit 1,950.00

Specials on Early and Late Season Halibut Fishing Charters

The Share Charter Rate per Person $ 175.00

Exclusive Charter Rate

MV ProFish $995.00

MV Pursuit 1,350.00

For single species – Halibut Summer Rates or Salmon Summer Rates

The Share Charter Rate per Person $ 195.00

Exclusive Charter Rate

MV ProFish $1,125.00

MV Pursuit 1,525.00

Rates are for full-day fishing charters. No lodging fees are included. The rates do not include the 6% KPB sales taxes or the $3.50/person port fees. To ensure passengers cruise to the most beautiful destinations, fuel surcharges may be applicable. To meet the expectations of passengers, boat charters are managed by experienced captains and crew.

The Seward Charter Fishing boats are also equipped with reliable light tackles that will aid in fishing at sea. The ship’s elegant design and first-rate safety gears will ensure that passengers enjoy their time aboard. Boat charters, which are clean, well-maintained and feature advanced engineering, are another way to visit Alaska.

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