Fish Oil Dosage – How Much Fish Oil Should I Take a Day?

Are you wondering “How much fish oil should a take a day to get the most benefit out of taking them?”  If so, read this helpful article and learn what it takes to set up a adequate fish oil dosage regime.

This article assumes that you’re an average healthy individual and you don’t have any sort of heart problem, behavioral condition, or any type of arthritis or other serious condition.  If you do have a certain condition, consult with your doctor as to how much you should be taking.

How Much Fish Oil Should I Take a Day?

It’s recommended that the average healthy Testo Prime individual consumes between 2.5 to 4 grams of fish oil a day.  Most supplements come in 1000 mg capsules, so let’s say each one is a gram.  That means you should take between 2-4 tablets per day.

But in order to get the best results possible, you really need to concentrate on the amounts of omega-3 fatty acids you consume, specifically DHA and EPA omega-3.

Whenever you’re looking for an omega-3 supplement, always check to see how much DHA and EPA omega-3 is in it.  These are the most readily-available and beneficial types of omega-3 for your heart, mind, and body.

Current intakes of DHA and EPA (combined) is estimated to be at an average of 130 mg/day, which is only about 20% of the target amount recommended.  This is why it’s so important to take a quality supplement, especially when omega-3s contribute so much to heart health, cognitive and behavioral performance, and keeping inflammation down.

The recommended amount of DHA and EPA to consume a day is about 650 mg.  With a quality fish oil supplement, you should only have to take 2 capsules a day to get this much DHA and EPA.  The more of this that’s DHA omega-3, the better.

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