Important But Basic Information On Eyelid Surgery Commonly Known As Blepharoplasty

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more common and a very popular procedure is blepharoplasty. This involves removing excess fat from the patient’s upper eyelids. Any excess muscle or skin is also removed, which helps give the eyes a younger, more vibrant look. For someone with upper eyelids that appear to fall out or who has excessive bags under their eyes, this procedure can be enormously helpful. It is often performed in conjunction with other types of facial surgery, giving the entire face a younger look.

In general, this type of surgery is best done on someone who overall has a good self-image but only feels that the eyelid area is having a negative impact on his appearance. It is important to be realistic about what blepharoplasty can achieve, and discussing the potential results with your surgeon is a good idea. Some level of planning is required before the surgery can be performed and you will need to undergo some basic medical tests. These include testing your vision and the ability of your eyes to produce tears.

When discussing blepharoplasty with your surgeon, be sure to give clear instructions on which eyelids need to be worked on. Some patients may wish to alter the upper eyelids only, while others wish to improve the appearance of all four eyelids. Making your wishes clear to the surgeon will reduce the possibility of communication problems. If you are unsure of anything to do with the procedure, ask your questions during the consultation phase. Your surgeon is an expert and therefore can give you the best information about your operation and what he can achieve.

Also, make sure you get a full quote for the surgery, which includes all required extras. That way you won’t get bad shocks afterwards. Blepharoplasty is an outpatient operation and can usually be performed at the plastic surgeon’s facility. Local anesthesia is used, which means that in Information About Eyelid Surgery
the eye area will be numb but you will still be aware throughout the procedure. Generally, however, the surgeon will administer sedatives and possibly pain relievers, so that the surgery is less painful.

Subsequently, your eyelids will be sore. It is important to keep your head elevated for as much of the day as possible to minimize bruising and swelling after the operation. A good plastic surgeon will want you to visit again about a week after the surgery, to make sure you are progressing well. You can usually return to normal activities in about ten days, and strenuous activities can be resumed after about three weeks. It is possible, however, for the eyelids to still remain slightly pink for up to six months. But eventually that too will fade, leaving you with attractive new eyelids.

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