Our Guide to the Green Lipped Mussel Dose: How to Consume the Green Lipped Mussel the Right Way

Green lipped mussel supplement is fast becoming the most popular supplement and as any supplement in the market, people who wish to take it for certain conditions should examine green lipped mussel dose information on the label with caution.

Like any other supplements or medication, people should take care in taking green lipped mussel dose guidelines too loosely. The saying ‘too much or too little cannot be a good thing’ calls for moderate and careful ingestion of any prescribed or over the counter prepared substances. All supplements and drugs are made for the benefit for a hypothetical person but the person itself must also learn to practice restraint by following the correct dosage as directed by the doctor or the instructions on the package.

The effects of too much or too little dosage of a prepared substance can results in either side effects in the body or ineffectiveness as not enough of a dosage is taken. This neutralizes the benefits of taking the supplement to aid to the body.

Many factors contribute to the proper green lipped mussel dose. The usual factors are age, over-all health, ailment, prescribed medication and other health consideration. For women, there is special consideration if the women are expecting or they plan to breast-feed their newborn. It should be noted that anything ingested by an expectant mother during the time of her pregnancy could be passed to the unborn child.

The usual practice in ingesting a supplement of any kind is to take a capsule or any form of the supplement three to four times a day. The supplement can be taken with or without food. The dosage can be doubled since the supplement is ProBiology Gut considered ‘food’ but should always be in accordance to doctor’s orders. With respect to other conditions, doctors often prescribe a lower dosage and monitor the effects. The dose can be changed depending on the body’s response to the supplement and medication, if any.

It should be noted that the dissimilar forms of green lipped supplement has different doses. An oil capsule has a different weight, measurement and different dosage compared to the powdered green lipped mussel. Another factor to consider is the particular condition that the supplement is trying to alleviate. For example, a dose of 1,050 milligrams extract (three capsules) is recommend for a person with osteoarthritis while for the person who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis can only take 210 milligrams of the same supplement capsule. It should be noted that all of these examples are applicable only to adults and not to children. There has been no exact prescribed dose for children.

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