Plan a Trip to New Zealand – Visit Waipu Cove in Sunny Northland

If you’re intending to plan a trip to New Zealand you will not be disappointed visiting any of the popular tourist destinations. New Zealand is diverse in culture and its people, stunning landscapes and scenery. So whether you choose to visit the North or South Island or both you’ll be in for a treat either way.

There is a part of New Zealand that a lot of traveller’s seem to overlook when planning they’re trip. The more popular tourist spots seem to get the attention but like any country, when you get off the beaten track you can find some real gems.

The place I’m talking about is Waipu Cove which is specifically located in Bream Bay, Northland. Waipu Cove is a gorgeous spot and well known for surfing, fishing and diving for that exquisite New Zealand seafood we all know and love, also a wonderful place to take a few breaths and relax. It is only a short 1 1/2 hr trip north of Auckland, so if you’re entry or exit from New Zealand is Auckland City on the North Island, you could very easily fit this in as a day trip. Then you could say you’d taken in another wonderful part of New Zealand that not a lot of travellers would have experienced.

Another great benefit of heading North is the weather. New Zealand senderismo en weather is renown for offering four seasons in one day, however in sunny Northland you’re sure to experience a warm and pleasant climate. Either way, the experience of Waipu Cove is worth it.

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