So You Want to Be a Barber?

If you have plans to get in the barber business, you need to understand that being a barber involves substantially more than just cutting hair. Just because you can cut a tight fade isn’t good enough. There is book work and the educational program is more on general health and sterilization and sanitation. There are chapters on chemical administrations, razor cutting, shaving and more. Be prepared to study, most barber schools teach all the basics of hair care, the better schools teach everything. I didn’t know there was a difference between the schools until years after I was in the barber field I have worked in more than a couple of shops. I went to Louisiana Hair Design College. This school was affiliated with Roflers. The proprietor of the school was Stewart Smith.

Five Tips for a Better Trip to the Barber - The Best Advice To Take To Your  Next HaircutHe came to our school once, he talked to us and told us a couple of tips on making it in the business; like absorb all that we had the opportunity to while we were in school, the value of having skills that furtherĀ develop people groups appearance. We can always leave the business and get back in just pay to keep your permit current. He told us that being a good communicator was more important than giving a good hair cut. I never forgot that.

At the point when you get into this business don’t do it for the money. The potential is there to make fast money there is more to pleasing a customer than just a good cut too. This is a complex business, there’s a couple of reasons why individuals choose a barber and a couple of reasons why some one will stick with and follow a barber from shop to shop, some stay, some leave, some come back and some individuals you never see again. There are several reasons for this too; this is the reason it is important to always continue to develop your business by always promoting yourself and adding new clients. It is hard to please all individuals; some individuals may get mad over an issue what ever that issue might be, right, or wrong the client protects that you have wronged him, or her in some way. For example skipping individuals, known as the hot seat, is a bad idea. This is the point at which some hot shot comes in and tips the barber a 20 to let him cut to the front. I have never practiced this and I don’t advise it to you. Individuals may not say anything, but no one’s crazy – you are messing over your kin.

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